Empower Your Deskless Workforce

Automate your IT tasks with WeGuard to keep your devices and work data secure and stay compliant all the time.


An Intelligent Enterprise Mobility Platform

We take care of all the MDM/EMM tasks your business will ever need.


WeGuard provides wide range of enrollment options to get all of your devices deployed and operating at once.


Create distraction-free device environment for your workforce by setting up rules and restrictions using WeGuard policy groups. Harden the device to avoid misuse, which will ensure focus on the intented work.

App Management

IT admins can deploy work and job specific applications from either the Play/App and Private stores through WeGuard Unified Console without requiring user intervention.

Compliance Rules

With AI-driven algorithm capability, have oversight of your endpoints to ensure compliance through the unified dashboard view. Have complete control over your work data.

Content Management

Disseminate relevant content seamlessly, securely, and stay connected with your workforce emphasizing on increased productivity.

Remote Control

Offer remote troubleshooting and real-time assistance to your deskless workforce with WeSupport, which works in conjunction with WeGuard.



Hasslefree & quick enrollment of hundreds, thousands of devices from anywhere with minimum interaction. WeGuard platform provides wide range of enrollment procedures for Android, iOS & Windows platforms.

Setup unboxed devices (Phones, Tablets, AR/VR, mPOS) before they are formally deployed with pre-defined configurations and work apps from single-pane of glass. No IT expterise required.

  • Zero-touch Enrollment (ZTE)
  • Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME)
  • Android-for-Work (AFW)
  • QR Code Enrollment
  • IOS DEP Enrollment
  • Windows Auto-pilot
  • Certificate-based Enrollment

For Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) use case, end users can simply download our WeGuard app from play/app store and activate. With containerization personal & work profiles are segrated ensuring the workforce only have access to work apps and data during business hours.


IT administrators have granular level control over devices and operating system settings. Through policy groups, admins can set up rules and restrictions to harden the devices while creating a distraction-free environment for the workforce. This promotes focus on the work and productivity. In addition, IT admins can leverage a user-friendly console. In addition, admins can leverage a user-friendly console and adopt a business-driven approach to manage & control the devices in a set of groups.

  • Configure peripheral settings
  • Control factory reset, safe boot
  • VPN enforcement
  • Password restrictions
  • Periodic device lock
  • Geofence & time fence
  • Custom branding
  • Remote Control

App Management

Auto deploy work-specific applications to all endpoints with no user disturbance or interaction. WeGuard platform facilitates force deployment of public and privately hosted applications for specific user groups or individuals.

Applications that are hosted on public stores like App/Play and Microsoft Business can be deployed by directly accessing from the store layouts. At the same time, private applications can be auto-deployed through a built-in Private Store.

  • Auto app installation, uninstallation
  • Seamless app upgrades
  • App whitelisting & blacklisting
  • Store & private app layouts
  • Manage app configurations
  • Segreation of work & personal apps

Compliance Rules

WeGuard platform ensures organizations have complete authority and control over their endpoints and the data generated through work apps by adhering to industry standard rules such as GDPR, SOC2 and HIPAA. With advanced AI-algorithms, the system alerts the Admins with the current status of the end-points.

  • Audit Logging
  • Real-time status
  • Role-based access
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Secured containerization
  • Access to work data
  • AI-driven frameworks

Content Management

WeBox – a secure cloud storage solution that helps organizations provide work specific access and content to the workforce any time and on demand. IT admins can distribute important documents in any format (e.g. word doc, pdf, xls, mp3, etc.) instantaneously to a specific target group or entire workforce, directly from the dashboard console. All documents are keystore-based and encrypted allowing only the intended recipients to view the content, hence restricting unauthorized personnel.

WeTalk – a secure communication feature allows admins, managers and workforce exchange text messages and engage in seamless video conferencing. Incoming messages can be managed as read-out-loud in preferred language, regardless of the language used in the original message when it was created.

  • Content distribution
  • Easy access anytime
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • End-end encryption
  • Text messaging
  • Video conferencing

Remote Control

WeSupport – With user’s consent, Admins can access the device/endpoints directly from the console, using minimal clicks. In case of BYOD, through containerization only user’s work profile and data can be seen and accessed by the admin, while personal data is untouched.

  • Remote Screen Share
  • Full Control on Endpoints
  • Remote Troubleshooting
  • Bi-Directional VoIP Calling
  • 256 Bit AES Session Encoding
  • Easy & Highly Secure

Threat Detection (Coming Soon)

WeShield is a best-in-class antivirus solution that provides scheduled, on-demand scanning options to safeguard the endpoints from Viruses, Trojans, Ransomware and organized Cybercrime attacks. Ensure complete data security and performce of the device by not running malware that consumes precious resources. The solution is optimized for fast scanning, pre-filter APK hashes with Cloud Protection for high performance.

  • Ultra-Secure
  • Schedule & On-Demand Scanning
  • Comprehensive Protection
  • Stop, phishing attacks
  • Forget Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA)
  • Adware Cleaner

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